It's been a lovely Summer Solstice this year.  Especially being able to see the Sun.  And even more so for going up to Warland Farm and celebrating another Solstice with our friends and Oakenhoofers, Monica and David.  We had a feast fit for the occasion, using the Jacob's Join approach.  Which is always the best kind of buffet.  And we sang, played music and danced, and celebrated the going down of the sun on the longest day.  I didn't see any trouble between the Oak and Holly Kings, but I'm sure the fight went down.  We were also feasted upon by tiny beasties, but a brilliant and memorable evening with great friends.

Then this morning the more hardy of us got up to watch the sunrise from Harehill Park.  It was slightly reluctant to put it's hat on, but nevertheless, radiated out from behind the clouds.  An interesting bit of conjecture was where the sun raised from.  I mean we all knew East, but guessed not perfect East.  Well after a bit of investigation, it's North East at Summer Solstice and South East at Winter Solstice.

Anyway, a great way to welcome in the Summer.  So, Solstice Blessings everyone everywhere!