Whitworth Rushcart

6th September 2020 all-day

We would like to invite you to come and dance at this years Whitworth Rushcart on Sunday 6th of September and help us to keep this tradition going. One of only four remaining Rushcart traditions left that we are aware of. Of course being Whitworth our Rushcart is built of heather, rather than rushes, that is at it’s best in early September. If you would like to come and join us again you would be made most welcome. We meet in the Band Club at 1200 hrs for butties and a drink or two. Procession sets off at 1300 hrs from opposite the club for the short distance to The Riverside, our civic hall, for an afternoon of dance, brass band, stalls, rides etc. There are opportunities to dance at various spots outside and inside as well as a scheduled slot in the main dance area. The event tends to come to a natural end about 1630 hrs when we return to the Band Club for a good singing session. Please come and share our afternoon.